Did you know that support for breastfeeding families of color is on the rise?  Black Breastfeeding Week may be over, but our moms and babies still need our support and encouragement!  Let's continue to fortify our families of color by promoting and normalizing breastfeeding in Black communities!  

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Get involved and help us capture the spirit of our mission. Our community needs to share access to resources, information, and lactation assistance. We need to increase the overall equity of the birthing and breastfeeding experience. It is time to normalize and promote breastfeeding among families of color. You can help!


We want to supply you with skilled breastfeeding support, and advice on infant nutrition and the maternal health benefits of breastfeeding. We want to help you meet your personal breastfeeding goals. We can help you gain confidence in yourself and the sacrifices you have made along your breastfeeding journey.


Are you a mother of color who is interested in exploring new educational and professional paths that can allow you greater opportunity to breastfeed your own children, support your family, and provide skilled lactation support in your community and beyond? Then reach out to us because we can help each other.

Boston Celebrates Black Breastfeeding