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We are BreastPowered!

Mission Statement

BreastPowered seeks to increase the presence of women of color as lactation professionals and advocates for family health and well-being by highlighting the power of breastfeeding, skin-to-skin contact, family connection, and best practices in maternal health care and wellness from preconception to journey's end!

What We Do
  • We highlight practical skills needed to successfully breastfeed a healthy baby, utilizing art, popular culture, humor, interviews, and current events to demonstrate how our communities and social structures can transform to best support breastfeeding families.

  • We ensure this 360 degree view does not place the onus of meeting breastfeeding goals on parents alone, but rather expands the conversation to acknowledge the cultural, class, political, social, and institutional barriers and supports that can either encourage or hinder successful breastfeeding.

  • We invite people from all sectors of society (nursing or not) to become sensitized to the power we all hold to empower families who choose to parent in this way.

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