We are BreastPowered!

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to assist breastfeeding mothers of color in the greater Boston area (and beyond) by sharing positive images and stories of breastfeeding families of color as a tool to increase awareness, and to assist in the recruitment and promotion of women of color to become licensed lactation professionals.

Collective Vision
  • To provide support to nursing mothers within our community.

  • To assist in the advancement of education within our target group by offering a means to participate in educational, social, and charitable activities that will help to normalize breastfeeding.

  • To partner with social and government agencies by providing personalized access to resources, information, and lactation assistance to mothers of color by other women of color.

  • To decrease infant and maternal health problems prior to the need for crisis management.

  • To assist in the collection of data and anecdotal evidence regarding mothers’ birthing and breastfeeding experiences to support social and policy changes.

  • To seek financial support and develop funding opportunities to support individual mothers.

  • To educate our participants by conducting support groups, discussion forums, and events that are designed to make the ongoing effort of breastfeeding a more feasible option for mothers of color.

  • To inspire, educate, and inform more community members about the power of lactation support, and its potential as a source of income and/or a long-term career opportunity.